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Guardian Angel Retriever Training Information

Gary started training bird dogs in 2008. Our family has raising Labradors for many years, and so it came naturally to him. Through an acquaintance, Gary begin bird hunting and really enjoyed it and has been training bird dogs ever since. From Labs to Brittany Spaniels to Pointers, Gary is willing to train all breeds. He starts with an assessment of your dog to see if it possesses the drive it takes to be a bird hunting dog. He has trained young and old dogs alike. He likes to keep them approximately 3 months, but he believes in working with a dog “for however long it takes” He uses live ducks as well as a bird launcher. He also takes them to work along the river, so they get lots of experience hunting before he releases them back into your care. We have a four acre field Gary works them in daily as well. Call today for an assessment and get ready for bird hunting season.

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