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Fromms Dry Dog Food:

  • Chicken a la veg
  • Salmon a la veg
  • Duck and sweet potatoe
  • Pork and applesauce
  • Surf n turf

Fromms Canned Dog Food:

  • Tuna and vegetable
  • Chicken thighs and vegetable
  • Pork and apple sauce

Solid Gold Dry Dog Food:

  • Weebits (for small dogs) Bison and salmon based
  • Holistic (for older dogs) Oatmeal and salmon based
  • Wolf King (large breed dogs) Bison based
  • Wolf Cub (puppy)
  • Hund n Flocken (all breeds) Lamb based
  • MMillennia (large breed) Beef based
  • Barking at the moon (high protein for high energy dogs) ocean fish & beef based

Solid Gold Canned Dog Food:

  • Turkey, ocean fish, carrots and sweet potatoes formula
  • Chicken, liver, brown rice and barley formula
  • Lamb, brown rice, carrots and barley formula
  • Green cow, beef, and tripe formula

Fromms: Dry Cat Food

  • Salmon a la veg
  • Chicken a la veg
  • Duck a la veg
  • Surf n turf

Fromms: Canned Cat Food

  • Chicken, duck & Salmon
  • Chicken, duck & tuna
  • Tuna
  • Shredded chicken
  • Shredded duck

Solid Gold: Dry Cat Food

  • Indigo Moon
  • Katz n flocken

Solid Gold: Canned Cat Food

  • Chicken, turkey, white fish, & liver formula
  • Green beef tripe
  • Tuna chunks