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Guardian Angel Grooming Information

Here at The Guardian Angel we strive to bring you quality grooming services. We know your pet deserves the best. That's why we employ professional groomers to ensure you get the best grooming services available. We accommodate dogs of every size, breed, age, and coat type. So call today and schedule an appointment, your pet deserves it.

What to expect from us:

Your visit starts with a friendly greeting and a detailed assessment of your pet. This ensures that your pet is groomed exactly how you want. Our professional groomers are able to do any custom job as well as breed specific cuts. Once we know how you want your pet groomed we make sure to give your pet a loving, fun, and comfortable experience. This is accomplished by careful and constant care of your pet. Each pet is groomed from start to finish by hand, this means that your pet is dried on the table and not in a crate. Grooming start to finish also reduces the amount of time your pet spends in a pen. Upon pick up we have the owner evaluate our work and fix any problems they find. Both you and your pet will leave feeling satisfied.

Services we offer:

  • Brush and Bath
  • Cut: Custom or breed specific
  • Shave
  • De-shedding
  • De-skunk
  • Tick dip

What is included with every service:

Quality shampoos and conditioners appropriate for your pets coat and condition. Your pets nails are dremeled, its glands are emptied, and its ears cleaned. We hand dry on the table so your pet is handled from start to finish with loving, gentle care. We finish out with a bandana or bow, and a cologne of your choice. Toe nails can also be painted upon request.

Why regular grooming is important:

All pets, no matter what size or breed need to be groomed regularly. Having your pet professionally groomed on a regular basis helps prevent shedding, skin disorders, and matting. Your groomer can also help detect other problems that you may not notice.

Other fun things:

We currently take Christmas and Easter pictures of your pet all dressed up. We plan to expand into calendars and quilts in the near future. We also sell sweaters, leashes and collars as well as dog blankets and jackets made to order.

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